Vonlovi’s first collection is called Spinéa, which evokes the spine-like rib, the backbone of the plant. A ready-to-wear, mixed-gender set that transcends the boundaries between masculine and feminine styles.

Timeless jewels of versatile elegance, combining the brilliance of yellow gold with the natural beauty of hard stones and mother-of-pearl, in a clean, contemporary design that perfectly illustrates sophisticated simplicity.

Spinéa collection includes a ring, an earring and a precious button that can be used as a pendant or bracelet ornament.

The shapes are organic and sharp, and available in two hard stones – deep black onyx, shimmering golden-brown tiger’s eye, and iridescent mother-of-pearl.
Each piece has a square shape merging into a circle, with the stone cut cleanly and polished, displaying four peaks on either side of the setting.

The Spinéa button also exists in an onyx version with a diamond-paved V on the back.


Three syllables vibrate like an enigmatic poetry, invoking our emotions with a melodic harmony.

Vonlovi caters to a desire rather than a necessity.
A creation that seems to have sprung from the earth, brought to life by artist De Rrusie, who weaves a link between art and jewelry. An artistic vision inspired by preciousness, material, details, and delicacy.

Vonlovi was born at the confluence of art and painting. De Rrusie, the very soul of the project, now relies on the expertise of a Jura lapidary.
Thus begins the story of Vonlovi, a combination of various talents from Paris, a place symbolizing creativity, the Jura Mountains where stones are crafted, and Portugal where the collection pieces are manufactured in a workshop that works for the greatest names on Place Vendôme. Vonlovi is a unique artistic dialogue.

Each piece is made to order, following De Rrusie’s original design and specifications. It takes 3 to 5 weeks to create each Vonlovi piece.

De Rrusie

Artist De Rrusie draws inspiration from his travels, discoveries and encounters. He lets fate be a good provider. In his studio, through his paintings, he portrays the immensity and abstraction of the skies. With Vonlovi, he focuses on the preciousness, getting closer to the infinitely small and delicate. His painted canvas is a contemplative escape. Light and fundamental.

His jewelry is physical, personal and sensual.